City of Williamstown

Williamstown, KY

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Call before you dig

Prior to construction, make sure that you have submitted all required documentation to the applicable regulatory agencies.

  1. Know your Zoning classification - Zoning classification informs you of what you can build and what your property line setbacks are.
    For more information of the Zoning Process, check out the City Zoning page
  2. Permits Required:
    1. Septic - if the property is located in an area without sewer lines, you must contact the Northern Kentucky Health Department.
      Download Kentucky Onsite Sewer brochure
    2. Encroachment - depending on the type of roadway your property abuts.
    3. Zoning Permit - to download all permit applications see City Zoning Page
    4. Building Permit - take your approved Zoning Permit and 2 sets of plans to the Grant County Building Inspector's Office external link icon

Regulatory Agencies: