City of Williamstown

Williamstown, KY

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Downloadable 2011 Ordinances

Ordinances are also indexed or codified in a code of ordinances (arranged into Chapters). The City of Williamstown has their ordinances codified at the following year.  Amendments passed prior to January 1, 2011 have been added to the Chapters.

Please Note: Ordinances are not posted until they have been passed by council.

View ordinances that have been codified (in Chapters)

Download ordinances that have been codified (in Chapters)

*NEWEST ORDINANCES*  Download or view recently passed amendments, listed below, that are in effect, but have not yet been codified.

Adobe PDF iconClick on an ordinance link below to download it as a PDF:

Ordinance 2011-01 Ordinance 2011-02 Ordinance 2011-03 Ordinance 2011-04
Ordinance 2011-05 Ordinance 2011-06 Ordinance 2011-07  
ORD 2011-09 oRDINANCE 2011-10 ORDINANCE 2011-11 ORDINANCE 2011-12
Ordinance 2011-13 Ordinance 2011-14 ORDINANCE 2011-15 ORDINANCE 2011-16
Ordinance 2011-17 Ordinance 2011-18 Ordinance 2011-19 Ordinance 2011-20
Ordinance 2011-21 Ordinance 2011-22 Ordinance 2011-23 Ordinance 2011-24
Ordinance 2011-25 Ordinance 2011-26 Ordinance 2011-27 Ordinance 2011-28
2011-29 2011-30 2011-31