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Williamstown, KY

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Job Seekers

Seeking Interviewers for Raising Grant County

The City of Williamstown is accepting resumes until 5:00 p.m., Thursday, February 27, 2014, for interested individuals to participate in a newly formatted, city-produced weekly talk show that will entail conducting interviews with individuals regarding topics of interest.  This is a contract position and not a full-time position, therefore, the successful individual(s) will be compensated for their time but will not receive employee benefits.

Interested individuals shall submit their resume to Dale Caskey's attention at the Williamstown City Building, which is located at 400 North Main Street, in Williamstown, or by e-mailing the resume to

Questions concerning the position should be directed to Dale Caskey at the Williamstown City Building at 859-824-6351 or e-mail



Unsolicited applications are accepted and will be retained for six months. 

To download a City of Williamstown application, click here.

All personnel and employment record inquiries, must be directed to the Mayor's Office.

Rick Skinner, Mayor
(859) 824-3606
Email Rick Skinner