City of Williamstown

Williamstown, KY

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Police Department

Police Cruiser

The Williamstown Police Department patrols the City streets, Lake Williamstown and sometimes assist other jurisdictions to ensure the public safety.

Contact Information

Williamstown City Building
400 North Main Street
Williamstown, KY 41097

To report an Emergency dial 911

To report a Non emergency dial 859-428-1212 (DISPATCH)

To contact a Williamstown Police Officer dial 859-428-1212 (DISPATCH)

To request a copy of a Police Report dial 859-824-3353 (Police Department) Weekdays between 8AM and 12PM


The Department consists of 1 Chief, 6 officers and 1 administrator.

Albert Rich, Chief
Robert Reed, Sergeant
Veronica Moore, Administrator
Steve Cornman, Officer
Ron Perkins, Officer
David Osborne, Officer
Bradley Morris, Officer

Crash Reports

Go to and use the information on this card to purchase your Crash Report online or you can call the Department Office at 859-824-3353 and request to pick up the Crash Report personally.


KentuckyState Police Sex Offender Registry is a database provided by the Department of Corrections when a Sexual Offender registers.  If you suspect any inaccuracies notify the Kentucky State Police Sex Offender Registry at 


Offenses occurred in 2010 known to Law Enforcement

Rape Robbery Assault Property
Burglary Larceny
3 0 0 0 3 97 28 62 7 1

source: FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program

For more information on the Williamstown Police Department, contact:

Williamstown Police Department
Email Police
(859) 824- 3353
400 North Main Street
Williamstown, KY 41097
*due to the working nature of the Police Department, please call before you drop in.