City of Williamstown

Williamstown, KY

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Williamstown Cemetery

A Brief Description

The Williamstown Cemetery is located at Falmouth Road (S.R. 22) and Mill Street in Williamstown. 

It is open to the public for visitation and walks during daylight hours; please refer to the Rules & Covenants for further information. 

A Brief History

The Williamstown Cemetery was established by the Kendall family in the early 1830s.

April 29, 1859 the Williamstown Cemetery Co. purchased 6 acres of the property with the exception of a burial plot adjacent to the Old Baptist Church.  These 6 acres are currently referred to as the 'Old Section'. 

On July 12, 1889, the Williamstown Cemetery Company purchased an additional 8-1/2 acres. Trustees of the Company reserved lots for their family plots and sold the rest. The Company purchased several more acres from 1889-1929 and the Masonic Order purchased the pauper lot, now referred to as the 'County Section'.

The City of Williamstown took over the cemetery in the mid 1940s and annexed the Old Baptist Church graveyard.  The last additional was purchased in the early 1960 and is referred to as the 'New Section'.

"The Williamstown Cemetery is a beautifully laid out cemetery that is a vital part of the history of our community and its inhabitants have many descendants in many states of our country."

source: "The History of Grant County", Conrad 

Rules & Covenants

Williamstown Cemetery Sextons: Stanley Funeral Home

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