City of Williamstown

Williamstown, KY

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Animal Control

Grant County Animal Shelter
Animal Control in the City of Williamstown is performed by the Grant County Animal Shelter and its Animal Control Officers. 

The Williamstown Police Department may also assist on animal complaints.

Please note:  Title IX, Chapter 90, Section 90.21 of the Williamstown Code of Ordinances prohibits keeping Vicious Dogs in the city limits.  This includes Pit Bulls, Rottweiler(s), or Bull Mastiff breeds.
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For information on licensing or purchasing an animal, visit the Grant County Animal Shelter website or contact the Grant County Animal Shelter.

Please note before taking any animal to the Grant County Animal Shelter; animals taken to the Grant County Animal Shelter may be euthanized.  If you think you have a stray, please check with neighbors before taking the animal to the The Grant County Animal Shelter.

The City of Williamstown recommends all pets have all their vaccinations and wear ID tags

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Williamstown, Kentucky 41097
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