City of Williamstown

Williamstown, KY

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Brief overview of the Boating Rules and Regulations

In addition to the general State Regulations, (i.e., your boat must be registered and must have on board fire extinguisher, horn, lights, anchor, a floatation device per passenger and other safety rules) the City of Williamstown Police and the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife can also enforce:

  • No one under age 13 can operate a motor boat; Operators ages 13 – 17 must be accompanied by an adult unless the minor has a “Safe Boating Certificate”
  • Operate according to the “Rules of the Road” (observe the same laws as driving on the road)stay to the right
  • stay a safe distance from docks, boats, swimmers and skiers
  • Observe no-wake and shallow water zones
  • No-wake from Sunset to Sunrise
  • If you are towing a skier or tuber, besides the operator an additional passenger must be present to observe the skier and/or boat can be equipped with a large rear view mirror
  • Only 2 tows ropes; rope must be greater than 20 feet
  • Persons riding a Jet-Ski or personal watercraft must wear an approved Coast Guard floatation device
  • No person shall operate a Bladder Boat, Ballast Boat or Wakeboard Boat on the public waters of Lake Williamstown (no artificial wake)
  • No motorboat should exceed a maximum length of 23 feet
  • Operators and passengers must be seated in an actual seat while moving (don’t sit on motor, sides, swim platforms or boat ladders)
  • Other than skiing, swimmers must stay within 50’ of the shoreline


Lake Ordinance

For more information on Lake Williamstown regulations, download the Lake Ordinance.