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Williamstown, KY

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Float Trip

Everyone who registers is automatically included in this!  It gives you up to six uninterrupted hours of safe paddling on Williamstown Lake.  Use it for a quick little paddle before lunchtime, or be there as the sun rises with the fog still hovering over the lake and stay until the very end…it’s up to you!  You’ll never be able to experience Williamstown Lake like this.

Powerboat and jet ski traffic will be restricted from 7am to 1pm during Paddle Williamstown, which means you’ve got no current, no wake, and no running water to disturb you.  Go where you want to go, when you want to go!

Enjoy the many summer and year-round homes that dot the shoreline.  Take in Mother Nature’s beauty with a variety of wildlife, both in and out of the water!  You might want to pack a camera.  You never know when that perfect shot will appear that could win you our Photo Contest!

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