Prior to any and all construction, make sure you know your zoning. 

The Zone Classification where your property is located can determine where and what you can build.  Williamstown has 16 zone classifications.

Click here to view the City of Williamstown's Zoning Map, but please clarify your zone with the Williamstown Zoning Administrator.

City Council, by the Authority of Kentucky Revised Statutes, KRS Chapter 100 has enacted the City's Zoning Ordinance.  The Zoning Ordinance is the local law that spells out the immediate, allowable uses for each piece of property within the City.

The Williamstown Zoning Ordinance has been prepared in accordance with the Grant County Comprehensive Plan.  The adopted Comprehensive Plan is a long-range policy document that looks at the future of the County.  The City's Planning Department and Grant County Planning and Zoning have an inter-local agreement to administer the City of Williamstown's Zoning Ordinance.

Click here to view the City of Williamstown's Zoning Ordinance. 

Zoning Permit Application Process:

  1. Applicant submits a completed Williamstown Zoning Permit Application to the Williamstown Zoning Administrator.
  2. Application will be reviewed to determine compliance with Williamstown Zoning Ordinance.
  3. Williamstown Zoning Administrator's decision will be forwarded to the Grant County Building Department.

Note: Any changes to current regulations, take time.  Applications must be reviewed prior to a hearing.

If you should have questions about the zoning process please call the Zoning Administrator at 859-824-6351.