140.01     Posting of signs
140.02     Prohibitions; exceptions
140.99     Penalty


 Signs prohibiting the carrying of concealed deadly weapons shall be posted at the entrances of all restricted areas.
 (Ord. 1997-15, passed 9-2-97)
 No person shall carry a concealed deadly weapon into any of the following:

 (A) Any meeting of the governing body of the city, except that nothing in this section shall preclude a member of the body, holding a concealed deadly weapon license, from carrying a concealed deadly weapon at a meeting of the body of which he is a member;

 (B) Any police station, except that nothing in this section shall preclude a sworn police officer and other law enforcement officers authorized to carry concealed weapons pursuant to KRS 527.020 from carrying such concealed deadly weapons;

 (C) The City Administrative building owned, leased, occupied or controlled by the city, except nothing in this section shall apply to any municipal building used for public housing by private persons, any private dwellings owned, leased or controlled by the city, or any highway rest areas.
 (Ord. 1997-15, passed 9-2-97)
140.99  PENALTY.
 Any person violating § 140.02 of this chapter shall be denied entrance into the restricted area and/or ordered to leave the building. Any employee of the city found in violation of § 140.02 shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from employment, in accordance with city personnel policies.
 (Ord. 1997-15, passed 9-2-97)