150.01  Electrical wiring
150.02  Electrical Inspector
150.03  License required; inspection and approval
150.04  Issuance of certificate of approval
150.05  Revocation
150.06  Liability; responsibility
150.99  Penalty


 (A) All electrical wiring within the city shall, when installed for the purpose of being connected to a source of electrical energy, be sufficiently insulated, supported, and protected to be reasonably free from hazards to life and property caused by over-loading, short-circuiting, and improper protection or installation of electrical equipment.

 (B) All electrical wiring shall be in full compliance with the latest revision of the National Electric Code and the National Electrical Safety Code, as provided by the American Standards Association and the Standards of Safety as adopted and approved by the Department of Insurance, Division of Fire Prevention and Rates, or its' successor agency, Commonwealth of Kentucky, which Standards of Safety are adopted by the city. Failure to comply with the foregoing shall be prima facie evidence of the violation of this chapter.
 (Ord. 168, passed 3-7-77)
 (A) Any certified Electrical Inspector, duly recognized and operating within the State of Kentucky, is designated and authorized to make the necessary inspection in order to ascertain whether or not the provisions of this chapter are being fully complied with.

 (B) The certified Electrical Inspector, shall have the right to charge a reasonable fee, which shall be full and complete compensa-tion for services rendered by him in the making of the inspection, which fee shall also include the rendering of a written report. The fee shall be paid by the contractor or person performing or install-ing the electrical wiring or equipment, and no part thereof shall be paid by the city. The fees to be charged and paid for the inspec-tion and the issuing of the certificate of approval, hereinafter provided for, shall be in accordance with the recognized scale of fees charged for similar work and inspections by the certified Electrical Inspector, and shall not be in excess thereof.

 (C) The designation of the certified Electrical Inspector, as the official inspector, under this chapter, is subject to withdrawal and cancellation at any time by the city.
 (Ord. 168, passed 3-7-77)
 (A) The official inspector of the city, to-wit: The certified Electrical Inspector, and any of his agents, servants, and employees, shall immediately report to the city, any contractor or electrician, or any agent, servant, or employee of any contractor or electrician doing or performing electrical work or installations within the city, who is not licensed by the city to do business therein.

 (B) It shall be the duty of the person, firm, or corporation installing electrical wiring or equipment, or repairing or rearrang-ing same, to notify the certified Electrical Inspector prior to the time the work is commenced, and also when the work is ready for inspection, and it shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to conceal any such electrical wiring or installations until after same has been reported to the certified Electrical Inspector, and has been inspected and approved by him.

 (C) The certified Electrical Inspector shall furnish and make available forms and blanks for the aforesaid purpose.
 (Ord. 168, passed 3-7-77) Penalty, see § 150.99
 It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation including any electric light power company to connect with or furnish electrical current to any electrical installation within the corporate limits of the city until after such electrical installa- tion shall have been inspected and approved by the certified Electrical Inspector, and a certificate of approval issued by him, and filed with the City Clerk-Treasurer.
 (Ord. 168, passed 3-7-77) Penalty, see § 150.99
 Should any licensed electrical contractor or electrician violate any of the sections of this chapter, or should he consistently or repeatedly do and perform work not in accordance herewith his license shall be subject to revocation by the city, which revocation shall be in addition to the criminal penalties hereinafter provided for.
 (Ord. 168, passed 3-7-77)
 This chapter shall not be construed to relieve from or lessen the responsibility or liability of any person, firm, or corporation owning, operating, controlling, maintaining, or installing any electrical wiring, devices, appliances, or equipment for damages to person or property caused by any defect or failure therein, nor shall the city be held as assuming any such liability or responsi- bility by reason of the inspection authorized herein, or the certificate of approval issued as herein provided.
 (Ord. 168, passed 3-7-77)

150.99  PENALTY.
 Any person, firm, or corporation violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be fined not less than $l0 nor more than $25 plus costs of court, for each offense, and each day that any person, firm, or corporation violates this chapter, or any provision thereof, and each day that any prohibited condition is allowed to continue as a result of the work performed or failed to be performed by any person, firm, or corporation, shall constitute a distinct and separate offense. (Ord. 168, passed 3-7-77)