154.01  Building permit fees established
154.02  Application required
154.03  Building inspections required
154.04  Limiting the repetition of uniform designed dwellings
154.99  Penalty


 Effective June 1, 1995, all persons, firms, corporations or other entities required to obtain permits or other authorizations shall, prior to engaging in such activity pay to the City Clerk/Treasurer or to such other person as he may designate, the sums set out in the following Schedule of Building Permit Fees:
 (A)       (1)       The provisions of the "Building Valuation Data Report" published as a part of The Building Official and Code Administrator Magazine, as same is updated from time to time, are hereby incorporated in full, by reference, as fully as if set forth at length herein.  All construction costs of buildings subject to the Kentucky Building Code shall be computed by the Office of the Building Inspector, County of Grant, by utilization of the most current data available through the "Building Valuation Data Report", The Building Official and Code Administrator Magazine, to include any alteration necessary by reference to the particular building contemplated, i.e., use group, building type, any specialty item add‑on, plus basements, attached or detached garages.
 (2)       Permit costs shall be determined as follows, with any fees required by law to be paid to any Building Official in the employ of the Commonwealth of Kentucky to be in addition to the following fees:

$0.00 TO $1,000.00 $25.00
$1,000.00 TO $25,000.00 $25.00 for the first $1,000.00 plus $6.00
for each additional $1,000.00 or portion
$25,000.00 to $50,000.00 $159.00 for the first $25,000.00 plus $5.00
for each additional $1,000.00 or portion
$50,000.00 to $100,000.00 $248.00 for the first $50,000.00 plus $4.00
for each additional $1,000.00 or portion
$100,000.00 to $500,000.00 $484 for the first $100,000.00 plus $3.00
for each additional $1,000.00 or portion
$500,000.00 and up $1,684.00 for the first $500,000.00 plus
$2.00 for each additional $1,000.00 or
portion thereof


(3)       Mobile home (single family only), footer and tie‑down inspection ‑ $60.00
 (4)       Pre‑manufactured homes without basement, footer and tie‑down inspection ‑ $60.00
 (5)       Pre‑manufactured homes with basement ‑ see (1) and (2) above
 (6)       Residential additions ‑ see (1) and (2) above
 (7)       Residential rehabilitations ‑ $25.00 plus $0.05 per square foot
 (8)       Non‑residential additions ‑ see (1) and (2) above
 (9)       Non‑residential rehabilitations ‑ $50.00 plus $0.07 per square foot
 (10)     Demolition permits ‑ $25.00
 (11)     Signs ‑ $1.00 per square foot
 (12)     Moving of structure (one lot to another) ‑ see (1) and (2) above
 (13)     Blasting permits ‑ $25.00
 (14)     Loan inspections
 (15)     In the event a permit issues but construction is not actually commenced, applicant shall be entitled to a refund of 80% of the fee permit actually paid plus any mileage fee actually paid but not applied to an inspection trip.
 (16)     The minimum fee for any activity for which a permit is required not specifically addressed herein shall be $25.00.
 (17)     The  fee applicable to any activity for which a permit is required hereunder shall be doubled if said activity is commenced without having first procured said permit.
 (18)     Mileage fees for trips necessary to conduct inspections hereunder shall be computed at the rate of $0.22 per mile, round trip, multiplied by four figured from the office of the building inspector to the job site.
 (B)       Filing Fees
 Filing fee for projects subject                                                    $50.00
 to state jurisdiction
 Above ground pool inspection fee                                               $10.00
 (Ord. 1991‑324, passed 12‑2‑91; Am. Ord. 1995‑08, passed 5‑9‑95)
 An application for building permit shall be required.  The application form is incorporated herein by reference.
 (Ord. 1991‑324, passed 12‑2‑91)
 Building inspections shall be required in accordance with the following:
 (A)  Posting of building permit and approved building plans:  The building permit placard issued to the permittee must be posted on the site through the entire construction process.  One set of building plans stamped "APPROVED BY THE CITY OF WILLIAMSTOWN" and one plot plan must be kept on the worksite anytime work is in progress.  No inspection will be performed unless the proper documents are on the job site. (approved plans and posted permit)  
 (B)  The following inspections are required without exception.  Failure to contact the city for inspections will result in the posting of a stop work order  and may require the removal of completed work so a proper inspection can be made.  Inspections must be scheduled at least twenty‑four (24) hours in advance.   Permit number, type of inspection, lot number and address must be provided when scheduling an inspection.
 (1)  Footings ‑ Soil conditions, piers, grade beams, sub‑footers when ready to pour and reinforcing steel is tied in place.
 (2)  Foundations ‑ When steel is tied in place and ready to pour; monolithic slabs/foundations and slabs on grade when steel, vapor barrier and perimeter insulation is in place and ready to pour.
 (3)  Backfill ‑ When foundation is parged‑waterproofed; cap blocks, straps/anchor bolts and drain tile installed.
 (4)  Framing  and  Insulation ‑ When  building  is  ready  for drywall lathe, paneling, when insulation is installed, and when rough‑in electric/plumbing has been approved and stickered.
 (5)  Final Inspections  ‑ When the project is completed and ready to occupy,  including the following:  (1)  plumbing and electrical final inspections; 2) final lot grading; 3) doors leading to future decks have stairways installed with the appropriate handrails; and, 4) all sidewalks are required on new construction.
 (6)  Sidewalk and driveway aprons ‑ Inspections are required before placement of concrete or asphalt.
 (7)  Sewer, water, and electric taps and tie ends ‑ Must be approved and inspected by the superintendent of sewer dept, superintendent of water dept., and superintendent of electric.  Drain tiles, downspouts, and basement sump pumps must be terminated twenty (20) feet from the right‑of‑way.
 (C)  No litter, dirt, trash, rubbish, refuse, shall be permitted to remain upon any city street or public way for more than 12 hours or overnight.  
 (Ord. 1991‑324, passed 12‑2‑91)
 (A)  No building permit shall be issued for the construction within  the city limits of the city for any new single family detached dwelling unit which is similar in appearance to any dwelling on the same street which is within two (2) lots distance of it nor in cul‑de‑sac turnarounds which is similar in appearance to another dwelling on the same cul‑de‑sac turnaround.  A dwelling if the two dwellings face different streets even though they may be within two (2) lots distance of one another.
 (B)  For the purpose of this section, "similar in appearance" shall mean a dwelling which is identical, or nearly identical, to another in any three (3) of the following characteristics:
 (1)  Roof type (gable, hip, mansard, gambrel, flat, combination;
 (2)  Roof height;
 (3)  Approximate dimensions (height and length) of the front wall closest to the front lot line;
 (4)  Shape of the front elevation silhouette;
 (5)  Relative locations and sizes of windows in the front elevation;
 (6)  Relative location and dimension of garage doors(s), if included on the front elevation;
  (7)  Type(s) of siding (e.g. brick veneer, lapped horizontal siding, half‑timber, board and batten, shakes, etc.) on the front elevation.
 (C)  If adjacent lots as defined in this section contain different housing styles as herein described, the previously delineated similarity standards do not apply.  Housing style is in and of itself a significant enough characteristic to constitute dissimilarity.  Housing styles shall consist of the following six (6) categories:
 (1) Ranch, (2) bi‑level, (3) tri‑level, (4) 1 and 1/2 story, (5) two story, (6) three story.
 (D)  If the building officer of the city or a person acting in that capacity finds that a dwelling for which a building permit is being requested is similar in appearance to a dwelling for which a building permit has previously been issued within two (2) lots distance and facing the same street, the building officer shall deny the permit request for non‑compliance with this section.
 (E)  (1)  An application for a building permit which has been denied a building permit based upon the provision of this section may:
 (a)  Alter the dwelling plans so that the proposed dwelling is no longer similar to another adjacent dwelling according to the criteria specified herein; or
 (b)  Appeal the decision to the Board of Adjustment of the City of Williamstown.
 (2)  In any appeal of the interpretation of this section by the building officer to the Board of Adjustments of the city, the applicant for a building permit shall present evidence sufficient to demonstrate compliance with this section, such as architectural drawings, material specifications and similar items.
 (F)  This ordinance shall not apply to dwellings for which building permits have been approved prior to April 4, 1994, including dwellings that are being remodeled, reconstructed, or replaced after damage by fire, windstorm or other casualty.
 (G)  These regulations may be waived by the Board of Adjustments in cases where the applicant for a building permit could not be expected to anticipate the design of a neighboring dwelling for which a building permit has already been issued but is not under construction.  In such instances the builder may request and the Board of Adjustments may grant an exception from the terms of this section.
 (H)  These regulations may be waived for residential planned unit developments in which similarity of architectural form and style among dwellings is integral to the success of a unified plan in which the high quality of building materials, building plans, and site plan details overcome  the  presumed  deficiencies of similarity.  In such cases, the developer shall request, and the building officer may grant, an exception for this section as a condition of a planning unit development.
 (Ord. 1994‑6, passed 4‑4‑94)
154.99  PENALTY.
 Any person, firm or corporation who shall commence any of the activities enumerated in § 154.04 prior to obtaining a required permit shall pay to the City Clerk/Treasurer, or such person as he may designate, two hundred percent (200%) of the fee or charge.
 (Ord. 1991‑324, passed 12‑2‑91)