Restrictions imposed by Williamstown City Council in 2021
due to heavy recreational use of the lake are as follows:

• No person shall operate a personal watercraft or motorboat when towing a person on any conveyance behind the watercraft using a tow rope of 30 feet or less, as measured by the transom of the boat to the end of the top rope.

• No Wake Zones shall be marked in all designated areas of Williamstown Lake with buoys, signs and other visible markers marking designated areas or No Wake Zones in cove areas. While operating in these areas it is prohibited to operate any vehicle at a speed greater than five miles per hour and in no case create a white cap in a No Wake Zone.

• A 40 mile-per-hour speed limit.

• Wake Surfing is not permitted at any time on the lake but wake boarding is be permitted except with the use of a ballast/bladder system.