Billing Information



Payments are due by the 15TH of Month by 5:00 p.m. (if falls on weekend or holiday due next business day).
Non receipt of bill does not excuse non-payment.
Postmarks are not accepted as date of payment. Bills are mailed on the last business day of each month.
If you do not receive your bill please call the office at 859-824-3633 for the amount or a copy.


Cash, check, money order, and/or credit card payment. Payments may be processed by telephone, in office, website (, or our pay by phone 24 hours a day # (1-844-200-2031).


If not paid in full by 5pm on the due date, a ten percent (10%) penalty will be applied to the account.


Charge of $25 for all returned checks, paper or electronic. Services may be disconnected without notice. After two (2) returned checks, they will not be accepted for any further payments on the account.